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17/02/23 update: Bookmarking from Primo

To bookmark in Primo, do your search and click into the relevant item and then use the bookmarking tool rather than bookmarking from the result list.

26/5/22 update: Talis Resource Lists 2022/23

All published 2021/22 lists have been copied over to the 2022/23 academic year in draft format. The 2022/23 version of each list is not visible to students until the Module Convenor has proactively accessed the list on the Talis system and ‘published’ it. Remember to link the new list on Moodle.

Please request review if you have added new book titles or know that there are new editions of texts on your list.

Module code changes or new list owner?

If a module code has changed, find the list under the old code and then click Edit and Edit details to change the list title.
To take ownership of a list, go to the list, click Edit and then Assign list owner. Choose from the available options or contact to request addition of new staff.
If a module did not run last year but is running this year, you can change the date on the original list - making a copy of a list breaks links to digitisations

Making a new list?

Search 'Template' to find a list to adopt in weekly format

Talis Resource Lists - Help Videos and Information for Staff

General information for staff about Talis Resource Lists.

A LibGuide to help students get the best from Resource Lists.