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Advanced Anthropometry (SEM2) SNU7022 Module
Advanced Biomechanics Principles (SEM1) ASB7011 Module
Advanced Methods of Coaching (SEM1+2) SAC7202 Module
Advanced Methods of Training (SEM1+2) SAC7201 Module
Advanced Research Methods: From Process to Product (SEM1) ASP7011 Module
Advanced Sport and Exercise Physiology (SEM1) ASE7002 Module
Advanced Sport and Exercise Physiology I (SEM1) ASE7010 Module
Advanced Sport and Exercise Physiology II (SEM2) ASE7011 Module
Anthropometry and body composition management (SEM2) SNU7026 Module
Applied Biomechanics (SEM2) SPS6042 Module
Applied Motor Skills (SEM2) ASP7005 Module
Applied Performance Analysis PAI4004 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology (SEM1) SPS6011 Module
Applied Sport Psychology (SEM1) SPS6083 Module
Applied Sport Psychology (SEM1) SPS6050 Module
Applied Sport Psychology (SEM1) SPS6021 Module
Applied Sports Nutrition (SEM2) SNU7014 Module
Applied Sports Nutrition (SEM2) SNU7034 Module
Applied Techniques in Sport and Exercise Physiology (SEM1) ASE7006 Module
Applying S&C in Industry I (SEM1+2) AST7003 Module
Applying S&C in Industry II (SEM1+2) AST7004 Module
Basic Biomechanics (SEM2) SPS4041 Module
Biomechanical Measurement Techniques for Sport and Exercise (SEM1) ASB7021 Module
Biomechanics and Skill Acqusition in Strength and Conditioning (SEM1+2) SAC7103 Module
Coaching Skills for S&C (SEM1) AST7001 Module
Computer Modelling and Analysis of Human Movement (SEM2) ASB7031 Module
Contemporary Insights in Sport Psychology (SEM1) SPY5007 Module
Contemporary insights into sport psychology (SEM2) SPS5054 Module
Cultural and Relational Sport Psychology (SEM2) ASP7013 Module
Directed Study (SEM2) SNU7010 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) SPD8000 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) SPD7000 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) SPO7000 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) SPO8000 Module
Environmental Physiology (SEM2) SPS6012 Module
Ergogenic Aids in Sport (SEM1) ASE7005 Module
Ergogenic Aids in Sport (SEM2) SPS5013 Module
Experimental Biomechanics (SEM1) SPS6041 Module
Experimental Biomechanics (SEM1) SPS6043 Module
Field Based Movement Techniques (SEM2) STC4013 Module
Field Based Training Techniques (SEM2) STC4002 Module
Functional anatomy (SEM1) SPS4062 Module
Fundamentals of Biomechanics (SEM2) SPS4060 Module
Fundamentals of sport psychology and skill acquisition (SEM1) SPS4063 Module
Fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning (SEM1) STC4004 Module
Fundamentals S&C Techniques (SEM1) STC4011 Module
Gait and Functional Movement Analysis (SEM2) ASB7051 Module
Independent Project (SEM1+2) SAC7107 Module
Independent Research (SEM123) SAC8000 Module
Introduction to Research (SEM1) SPS4000 Module
Introduction to research (SEM1) SPS4065 Module
Introduction to Sport Psychology and Skill Acquisition (SEM1) SPS4023 Module
Issues in sport, health and exercise (SEM2) SPS6052 Module
Issues in Sport, Health and Exercise (SEM2) SPS6082 Module
Management of Specific Populations (SEM2) STC6006 Module
Management of Specific Populations (SEM2) STC6007 Module
Muscle Physiology (SEM2) STC5003 Module
Neuromechanics of Human Movement (SEM2) STC5006 Module
Notational Analysis (SEM1) SPS5043 Module
Organisation of Training (SEM1) STC6011 Module
Organisation of Training (SEM1) STC6001 Module
Philosophy for Strength & Conditioning (SEM1+2) SAC7203 Module
Physiology and Metabolism of Exercise (SEM1) SNU7012 Module
Physiology and Metabolism of Exercise (SEM1) SNU7032 Module
Physiology of Exercise (SEM2) SPS4011 Module
Physiology of exercise (SEM2) SPS4064 Module
Physiology of Training (SEM1) SPS5011 Module
Physiology of Training (SEM1+2) SAC7104 Module
Practical field tests in sport (SEM2) SPS4061 Module
Practical Techniques in Strength and Conditioning (SEM1+2) SAC7101 Module
Practical Techniques in Strength and Conditioning (SEM1+2) SAC7108 Module
Principles of Human Nutrition (SEM1) SNU7025 Module
Professional and Counselling Skills (SEM1) ASP7001 Module
Professional observation (SEM2) SPS6053 Module
Professional Observation - Semester 2 (SEM2) SPS6081B Module
Professional Practice (SEM2) SAC4000 Module
Professional Practice in Sport Psychology (SEM2) ASP7012 Module
Professional Skills for Applied Physiology (SEM1) ASE7008 Module
Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (SEM2) ASE7012 Module
Programme Design, Planning and Monitoring (SEM1+2) SAC7105 Module
Psychological Skills 1: Theory and Application (SEM1) ASP7002 Module
Psychological Skills II: Theory and Application (SEM2) ASP7004 Module
Psychology of Sport, Performance, and Well-Being (SEM1) ASP7010 Module
Research Methods (SEM1) ASP7003 Module
Research Methods (SEM1+2) SPS5000 Module
Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice (SEM1+2) SAC7102 Module
Research Methods and Statistics (SEM2) SNU7011 Module
Research Methods and Statistics (SEM2) SNU7031 Module
Research Methods in Sport and Exercise (SEM1) ASE7009 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) AST7005 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) ASE7007 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) SPS6001 Module
Research Project (SEM2) SNU7023 Module
Research Project (SEM2) ASP7009 Module
Research Proposal (SEM1+2) SAC7200 Module
Return to Play (SEM2) STC6012 Module
S&C in Practice (SEM2) STC5005 Module
Science in Practice (SEM2) STC5001 Module
Science in the Workplace (SEM1+2) STC6003 Module
Science in the Workplace (SEM1+2) STC6010 Module
Skill Acquisition (SEM1) SPS5022 Module
Social Psychology of Sport (SEM2) SPS5021 Module
Social Psychology of Sport: Interpersonal and Group Processes (SEM2) ASP7008 Module
Special Populations - Applied Sports Nutrition (SEM2) SNU7035 Module
Special Populations - Applied Sports Nutrition (SEM2) SNU7015 Module
Sport and Exercise Physiology in the Workplace (SEM1+2) ASE7004 Module
Sport Performance (SEM2) SPS4052 Module
Sport, Culture and Society (SEM1) SPS4032 Module
Sport, Power and Deviance (SEM2) SPS5031 Module
Sports Biomechanics (SEM1) SPS5041 Module
Sports Nutrition (SEM1) SNU7033 Module
Sports Nutrition (SEM1) SNU7013 Module
Sports, Media and Representation (SEM2) SPS6032 Module
Strength Training Techniques (SEM2) STC4014 Module
Study Skills (SEM123) SAC7000 Module
Testing and monitoring in sport (SEM2) SPS5055 Module
Testing, Monitoring & Programming for S&C (SEM1+2) AST7002 Module
Topical Issues in Strength and Conditioning Science (SEM1+2) SAC7106 Module
Working in a Multidisciplinary Team: A Biomechanical Approach (SEM2) ASB7041 Module

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