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Adapted PE and Sport 1 (SEM1) PSE5045 Module
Adapted Physical Activity, PE and Sport 2 (SEM1) PSE6046 Module
Advance Skill Acquisition (SEM2) SCS6023 Module
Advanced coaching in rugby (SEM2) SCO7007 Module
Advanced Contemporary Issues in PE and Sport (SEM1) PSE6045 Module
Advanced Football Coaching through Games (SEM2) COA6002 Module
Advanced Principles of Talent Identification (SEM1) PAI5002 Module
Advanced Teaching and Coaching Pedagogy (SEM2) PSE6043 Module
Annual Planning (SEM2) SCS6011 Module
Applied Adapted Physical and Sport Activity (SEM1) PSE6016 Module
Applied Child Psychology (SEM1) PSY6010 Module
Applied Child Psychology (SEM2) PSY6032 Module
Applied Coaching Practice (SEM1) COF5005 Module
Applied Data Analysis (SEM2) PAI4005 Module
Applied performance analysis (SEM1) SCO7012 Module
Applied Physiology and Human Movement (SEM2) COF5003 Module
Applied Research Methods (SEM1) PFC7004 Module
Applied Skill Acquisition (SEM1) COF5001 Module
Applied Sport Psychology (SEM2) COF5002 Module
Applied Sports Coaching Science I (SEM1) SCS6061 Module
Applied Sports Coaching Science II (SEM2) SCS6062 Module
Applied Teaching and Coaching Games (SEM2) PSE6023 Module
Applied Teaching and Coaching of Individual Activities (SEM2) PSE6024 Module
Applied Teaching and Learning in PE and Sport (SEM1) PSE6012 Module
Athletic Development (SEM1) SCO7004 Module
Athletic Development of Rugby Players (SEM1) SCO7008 Module
Business and Enterprise (SEM1) COF5006 Module
Business and Entrepreneurship in Football (SEM1) FBL5004 Module
Coach Education (SEM2) SCS6021 Module
Coach Education, Development and Mentoring (SEM2) PSE6044 Module
Coaching Football through Games (SEM1) COA5002 Module
Coaching in the Workplace (SEM1) SCS6014 Module
Coaching Process (SEM1) SCS4061 Module
Coaching Process I (SEM1) SCS4011 Module
Coaching Process II (SEM2) SCS5061 Module
Coaching Process II (SEM2) SCS5011 Module
Coaching Through The Game (SEM1) FBL5005 Module
Community Innovation Project 2 (SEM1+2) SSC6001 Module
Community Innovation Project I (SEM1+2) SSC5001 Module
Contemporary Approaches to player development (SEM1) SCO7001 Module
Contemporary Approaches to Player Development (SEM1) PFC7002 Module
Contemporary Issues in PE and Sport (SEM1) PSE5044 Module
Contemporary issues in performance analysis (SEM2) SCO7013 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching (SEM2) SCS6015 Module
Counselling Psychology (SEM2) PSY6037 Module
Counselling Skills in Psychological Practice (SEM2) PMH7024 Module
Critical Health Psychology (SEM1) PSY6027 Module
Critical Perspectives in Health and Wellbeing (SEM2) SSC5003 Module
Critical Skills in Science (SEM1) FDY3042 Module
Cultural Challenges in Sports Coaching (SEM2) SCO7006 Module
Deconstructing Psychology (SEM1) PSY4016 Module
Developing Creativity within Individual Activities (SEM1) PSE5043 Module
Developing Effective Coaching Practice (SEM1) FDY3027 Module
Development of Gifted and Talented Young People (SEM1) PSE6034 Module
Development of Professional Pathway (SEM1+2) COA6006 Module
Disability, Health and Wellbeing in Football (SEM1) COA5005 Module
Dissemination of Research (SEM3) PAI6005 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) PSY8000 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) PSY7000 Module
Elite Player Health and Wellbeing (SEM2) COA6005 Module
Elite rugby player health and well-being (SEM2) SCO7009 Module
Equality and Diversity in Football (FBL4003) FBL4003 Module
Ethics, Morality and Integrity in Sport (SEM2) SCO7016 Module
Everyday Psychology (SEM2) PSY4015 Module
Expertise and Skill Acquisition in Football (SEM2) PFC7001 Module
Extended Literature Review (SEM1+2) PSY6031 Module
Extended Literature Review (SEM1+2) PSY6002 Module
Football Coaching Cultures (SEM1) PFC7006 Module
Football Research Project (SEM1+2) COA6001 Module
Football Study Skills (SEM2) COA4001 Module
Foundation of Life (SEM1) FDY3012 Module
Foundation Phase Player Development (SEM1) COA4002 Module
Foundations of Mental Health (SEM1) PMH7021 Module
Frontiers in Psychology (SEM1) PSY5014 Module
Global Issues in Physical Education and Sport (SEM1) PSE6035 Module
Global Perspectives in Sport and Social Change (SEM2) SSC6002 Module
Health and Wellbeing (SEM2) PSE4020 Module
Health Psychology (SEM1) PSY6035 Module
Holistic Approaches to Coaching (SEM1) COF4015 Module
Holistic Approaches to Coaching (SEM2) COF4005 Module
Holistic Development (SEM1) PAI4003 Module
Holistic Development of the Young Person (SEM1) PSE4019 Module
Holistic Development of the Young Person 1 (SEM1) PSE4008 Module
Holistic Development of the Young Person 2 (SEM2) PSE4018 Module
Independent Project (SEM1+2) PSY6030 Module
Independent project (SEM1+2) PMH7012 Module
Independent Project (SEM1+2) PSY6001 Module
Independent Project (SEM3) SCO7010 Module
Independent Project (SEM3) PFC7007 Module
Individual Analysis (SEM3) PAI5006 Module
Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology (SEM1) FDY3041 Module
Introduction to Cognitive and Biological Psychology (SEM2) PSY4014 Module
Introduction to Data Analysis (SEM1) PAI4002 Module
Introduction to Equality and Diversity in PE and Sport (SEM1) PSE4017 Module
Introduction to Football and Sports Development (SEM1) COA4004 Module
Introduction to Performance Analysis (SEM1) PAI4001 Module
Introduction to Research Methods & Individual Project (SEM2) FDY3040 Module
Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology (SEM1) PSY4013 Module
Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology (SEM1) FDY3039 Module
Introduction to Sport and Social Theory (SEM1) SSC4003 Module
Introduction to Sport Development (SEM1) SSC4004 Module
Introduction to Sport Psychology and Skill Acquisition (SEM1) COF4004 Module
Introduction to Sport Psychology and Skill Acquistion (SEM1) COF4007 Module
Introduction to Teaching and Coaching Games (SEM1) PSE4010 Module
Introduction to Teaching and Coaching Individual Activities (SEM2) PSE4011 Module
Investigating Psychology (SEM1) FDY3031 Module
Leading Physical Activity 1 (SEM1) SSC4002 Module
Leading Physical Activity II (SEM1) SSC5002 Module
Learning in Context (SEM1) PSE4009 Module
Mental Health and Wellbeing in sport and exercise (offered to the whole faculty) (SEM2) SSC6010 Module
Notational Analysis (SEM2) SCS5043 Module
Opposition Analysis (SEM1) PAI5004 Module
Optimising Player Potential (SEM1) FDY3028 Module
Perception (SEM2) PSY6036 Module
Perception (SEM2) PSY6014 Module
Performance Analysis (SEM1) COF5007 Module
Performance Analysis (SEM1+2) SCS6042 Module
Performance Analysis & Talent ID Research (SEM3) PAI5001 Module
Performance Analysis in Football (SEM1) COA5003 Module
Performance and Match Analysis in Football (SEM2) PFC7005 Module
Philosophy and Values in Education (SEM2) PSE6014 Module
Physiology and Human Movement (SEM2) COF4002 Module
Political Psychology (SEM1) PSY6034 Module
Political Psychology (SEM1) PSY6012 Module
Primary Physical Education and Early Years 1 (SEM1) FBL4005 Module
Primary Physical Education and Early Years 2 (SEM1) FBL5002 Module
Principles of Physics and Mathematics (SEM1) FDY3030 Module
Professional Development (SEM1+2) COA4005 Module
Professional Development (SEM2) COF4006 Module
Professional Development (SEM3) PAI6004 Module
Professional Development 2 (SEM1+2) SSC6000 Module
Professional Development and Mentoring (SEM1+2) SCO7003 Module
Professional Development I (SEM1+2) SSC5000 Module
Professional Development in Football Coaching (SEM1+2) PFC7003 Module
Professional Development in Practice (SEM1+2) COA5006 Module
Professional Integrity in Science (SEM2) FDY3038 Module
Professional Placement (SEM1) PAI5003 Module
Professional Placement (SEM1) PSE6002 Module
Professional Practice 1 (SEM2) PSE5040 Module
Professional Practice 2 (SEM1) PSE6040 Module
Professional Practice 2 (SEM1) FBL5006 Module
Professional Practice in Football (SEM1+2) COA4006 Module
Professional Project (SEM1+2) PAI5005 Module
Professional skills for sport and community engagement (SEM2) SSC4001 Module
Project and Event Management in Football (SEM1) FBL4004 Module
Project and Event Management in Football (SEM1) COA5004 Module
Psychological Interventions in Mental Health (SEM2) PMH7025 Module
Psychology of Attention (SEM2) PSY6040 Module
Psychology of Attention (SEM2) PSY6025 Module
Psychology of Education (SEM1) PSY6033 Module
Psychology of Education (SEM2) PSY6011 Module
Psychology of Intimate Relationships (SEM2) PSY6039 Module
Psychology of Intimate Relationships (SEM2) PSY6023 Module
Psychology of Sports Officials (SEM2) SCO7015 Module
Psychopathology and Deviant Behaviour (SEM1) PSY6028 Module
Psychopathology and Deviant Behaviour (SEM1) PSY6042 Module
Qualitative Research Methods (SEM1) PSY5010 Module
Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics (SEM2) PSY5011 Module
Recruitment Analysis (SEM2) PAI6002 Module
Reflection in Professional Practice (SEM2) PAI6001 Module
Reflective Work-based Practice (SEM2) COF5004 Module
Research in a Football Environment (SEM1) FBL5001 Module
Research in Football Environment (SEM1+2) COA5001 Module
Research Methods (SEM1) PMH7011 Module
Research Methods and Statistics I (SEM1) PSY4011 Module
Research Methods and Statistics II (SEM2) PSY4012 Module
Research Methods and Statistics III (SEM1+2) PSY5001 Module
Research Methods and Statistics IV (SEM1+2) PSY5002 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) PSE6048 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) PSE6041 Module
Research Proposal (SEM2) PSE5046 Module
Role of the Analyst (SEM2) SCO7011 Module
Role of The Analyst (SEM3) PAI6003 Module
Science of Football (SEM1) FBL5003 Module
Skill Acquisition (SEM1) SCS5023 Module
Skill Acquisition II (SEM2) SCS6022 Module
Sport Psychology (SEM1) COF5012 Module
Sports Psychology (SEM2) SCO7005 Module
Strategic leadership in High performance (SEM1+2) SCO7002 Module
Study Skills (SEM1) COF4001 Module
Tactical Performance Analysis in Football (SEM1) COA6003 Module
Teaching and Coaching Games (SEM1) PSE5042 Module
Teaching and Learning 1 (SEM2) PSE5041 Module
Teaching and Learning in Primary Physical Education (SEM2) PSE6047 Module
Teaching and Learning in Secondary Physical Education (SEM1) PSE6042 Module
The Chemistry of Nature (SEM2) FDY3029 Module
The Coaching Environment (SEM2) COF5015 Module
The Developing Athlete (SEM2) SCS4062 Module
The Developing Mind (SEM2) PSY5009 Module
The Developing Mind (SEM2) PSY5013 Module
The Holistic Official: Social, Cultural & Interpersonal Challenges (SEM1) SCO7014 Module
The Lived Experience of Mental Health (SEM1) PMH7023 Module
The Social Brain (SEM1) PSY5012 Module
The Social Brain (SEM1) PSY5008 Module
Transferable Skills for Employment (SEM2) PSY5007 Module
Transferable Skills for Employment (SEM2) PSY5015 Module
Understanding the Coaching Process (SEM1) COF4003 Module
Youth Development Phase Development (SEM2) COA4003 Module
Youth Talent Development (SEM1) PSE6049 Module
Youth Talent Development (SEM1) COA6004 Module
Youth Talent Development (SEM2) PAI4006 Module

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