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3D Manufacturing (SEM2) APH6010 Module
Academic Study Skills (SEM123) PBH4001 Module
Acute Management of Injury and Specialised Treatment Techniques (SEM2) SPR7021 Module
Advanced Research Methods (SEM2) SPR7019 Module
Advanced Research Methods (SEM2) PHP7007 Module
Aetiology of Chronic Disease (SEM2) HEP5005 Module
Applied Health Promotion (SEM2) HEP6010 Module
Applied Personalised Nutrition (SEM2) NGE7005 Module
Athlete Management & Exercise for Health (SEM1) SPR7031 Module
Athlete Management 1 (SEM1+2) SRE5013 Module
Athlete Management 2 (SEM2) SRE6013 Module
Atomic and Nuclear Physics (SEM1) APH5001 Module
Behaviour Change (SEM1) HEP6004 Module
Behaviour Change (SEM1) CDM7003 Module
Biomechanics 1 (SEM1) SRE4015 Module
Biomechanics 2 (SEM2) SRE5015 Module
Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy (SEM1) PHP5003 Module
Clinical Anatomy (SEM1) PHP4001 Module
Clinical anatomy and assessment of the neuromusculoskeletal system (SEM1) PHP7001 Module
Clinical Anatomy and Physiology (SEM1) SPR7023 Module
Clinical Assessment and Soft Tissue Management (SEM1) SPR7014 Module
Clinical Assessment of Neuromusculoskeletal Injury (SEM1+2) SRE4031 Module
Clinical Exercise Physiology (SEM2) HEP6007 Module
Clinical Human Anatomy (SEM1+2) SRE4011 Module
Clinical Nutrition (SEM1) NUT6034 Module
Clinical Physiology and Pathology (SEM1) PHP7002 Module
Clinical Physiology and Pathology (SEM1) PHP4002 Module
Clinical Placement (SEM1+2) PHP7008 Module
Clinical Placement & Applied Practice 1 (SEM1+2) SPR7032 Module
Clinical Placement & Applied Practice 2 (SEM1+2) SPR7033 Module
Clinical Placement 1 (SEM1+2) SRE5016 Module
Clinical Placement 2 (SEM1+2) SRE6010 Module
Clinical Placement 2 (SEM1+2) SRE6001 Module
Clinical Placement I - Introduction to Practice (SEM2) PHP5005 Module
Clinical Placement II - Evolving Practice (SEM2) PHP5006 Module
Clinical Placement III – Autonomous Skills Preparation (SEM1) PHP6002 Module
Clinical Placement IV – Quality of Practice (SEM1) PHP6003 Module
Clinical Placement V - Becoming and Autonomous Practitioner (SEM1+2) PHP6004 Module
Concepts in Public Health (SEM1) PBH7001 Module
Concepts in Public Health (SEM2) PBH7001B Module
Current Physiotherapy Concepts (SEM1) PHP5001 Module
Directed Study (SEM1+2) HEP6005 Module
Directed Study (SEM2) HNU7025 Module
Dissertation (SEM1+2) PHP7009 Module
Dissertation (SEM2) SPR7022 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) HEL8000 Module
Dissertation/ Thesis (SEM123) HEL7000 Module
Electricity & Magnetism Electronics (SEM1) APH4002 Module
Electromagnetism Electronics, Metrology and Standards (SEM1) APH5002 Module
Energy & Nutrition (SEM1) NUT4040 Module
Environmental Physics and Nanotechnology (SEM2) APH4006 Module
Epidemiology for PH (SEM1) PBH7002 Module
Epidemiology for PH (SEM2) PBH7002B Module
Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Placement (SEM2) SPR7018 Module
Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Placement (Year 1) (SEM1+2) SPR7018A Module
Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Placement (Year 2) (SEM1+2) SPR7018B Module
Exercise Physiology and activity across the lifespan (SEM1) HEP5015 Module
Exercise Physiology and Prescription (SEM1) SRE4013 Module
Exercise Referral (SEM2) HEP6012 Module
Factors Affecting Rehabilitation and Performance (SEM1) SRE6003 Module
Food and Nutrition Policy and Health Promotion (SEM2) HNU7026 Module
Food Choice & Control of Food Intake (SEM2) NUT4043 Module
Food Choice and Control of Food Intake (SEM2) NUT5033 Module
Food Science (SEM2) NUT4036 Module
Food Science & Novel Foods (SEM1) NUT4042 Module
Foundations of Statistics (SEM123) PBH4000 Module
Functional and Novel Foods (SEM1) NUT6036 Module
Genetics and Personalised Nutrition (SEM2) NGE7004 Module
Genetics in Health and Disease (SEM1) NGE7002 Module
Genetics Tests in Nutrition (SEM2) NGE7006 Module
Global Public Health (SEM2) PBH7005 Module
Global Public Health (SPAN1) PBH7005A Module
Health Economics (SEM2) PBH7004 Module
Health Economics (SPAN1) PBH7004A Module
Health Promotion (SEM1) HEP5004 Module
Health Psychology (SEM2) HEP5013 Module
Heat and Thermodynamics Matter & Materials (SEM2) APH4007 Module
Injury Assessment & Pathology (SEM1+2) SPR7025 Module
Injury Biomechanics & Principles of Rehabilitation (SEM1) SPR7026 Module
Introduction to Nutrition I (SEM1) NUT4032 Module
Introduction to Nutrition II (SEM2) NUT4033 Module
Introduction to Physiology & Biochemistry (SEM2) NUT4044 Module
Introduction to Research (SEM1) NUT4031 Module
Introductory Physiology and Biochemistry (SEM2) NUT4037 Module
Late Stage Rehabilitation (SEM2) SRE6014 Module
Late Stage Rehabilitation and Factors Affecting Performance (SEM1) SPR7017 Module
Late Stage Rehabilitation and Performance (SEM2) SRE6004 Module
Leadership & Management (SEM2) PBH7006 Module
Leadership & Management (SPAN1) PBH7006A Module
Leadership and Management in Physiotherapy (SEM2) PHP6005 Module
Life Cycle Nutrition (SEM2) HNU7034 Module
Lifespan Nutrition (SEM1) NUT5035 Module
Lifespan Nutrition (SEM1) NUT5044 Module
Management of Cardiorespiratory and Pulmonary Conditions (SEM2) PHP7004 Module
Management of Neurological conditions, and Long-term conditions (SEM2) PHP7006 Module
Management of Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions (SEM2) PHP7005 Module
Management of Weight and Associated Clinical Conditions (SEM2) NUT6041 Module
Mathematical Methods 1 Computing (SEM1+2) APH4004 Module
Mathematical Methods 2 - Advanced Computing and Statistical Mechanics (SEM1+2) APH5006 Module
Mathematical Methods 3 - Special and General Relativity (SEM1) APH6001 Module
Medical Physics (SEM2) APH6004 Module
Micronutrients (SEM2) NUT4041 Module
Nanotechnology and Nanodevice Physics (SEM1) APH6003 Module
Neurological Rehabilitation and Neuroscience (SEM1+2) PHP5004 Module
Neuromusculoskeletal Assessment and Management (SEM1) PHP5002 Module
Neurophysiology (SEM2) SRE6002 Module
Nutrient-gene interactions (SEM1) NGE7003 Module
Nutrigenomics (SEM2) HNU7029 Module
Nutrition & Genetic (SEM2) NUT6044 Module
Nutrition & PA for Health & Disease prevention (SEM2) NUT5043 Module
Nutrition & The Athlete (SEM2) NUT6043 Module
Nutrition and Chronic Disease (SEM1) HNU7027 Module
Nutrition and Genetics (SEM2) NUT6053 Module
Nutrition and physical activity for chronic disease (SEM1) CDM7006 Module
Nutrition and the Athlete (SEM2) NUT6039 Module
Nutrition, Health and Disease (SEM2) NUT5034 Module
Nutritional and PA Assessment (SEM1) NUT5041 Module
Nutritional Assessment (SEM1) NUT5032 Module
Nutritional Biochemistry (SEM1) NUT5036 Module
Nutritional Biochemistry (SEM2) NUT5045 Module
Particles, Waves & Quanta (SEM1) APH4001 Module
Patient Management (SEM1) SRE4014 Module
Patient Management (SEM2) SPR7027 Module
Patient Management 2 (SEM1) SRE5017 Module
Patient Management 3 (SEM1) SRE6016 Module
Personal Trainer (SEM1) HEP5008 Module
Physiotherapeutic Assessment (SEM2) PHP4004 Module
Physiotherapeutic Management of Complex Patients (SEM1) PHP6001 Module
Practical Physics (Experimental Techniques, Data Measurement & Analysis) (SEM1+2) APH4000 Module
Practical Physics (Instrumentation and Monitoring; Effects and Techniques) (SEM1+2) APH5008 Module
Principles of Human Nutrition 1 (SEM1) HNU7023 Module
Principles of Human Nutrition I (SEM1) HNU7033 Module
Principles of Human Nutrition II (SEM2) HNU7024 Module
Principles of Molecular Biology (SEM1) NGE7001 Module
Principles of Rehabilitation and Neuromechanics (SEM1) SPR7016 Module
Professional practice (SEM1) PHP7003 Module
Professional Skills (SEM1+2) HNU7031 Module
Professional Skills & Inter Professional Practice (SEM1) PHP4003 Module
Professional Skills for Nutrition (SEM1) NUT4034 Module
Public Health (SEM1) NUT6042 Module
Public Health and Prevention of Chronic Disease (SEM2) CDM7001 Module
Public Health Nutrition (SEM1) NUT6033 Module
Public Health Nutrition (SEM2) HNU7035 Module
Rehabilitation & Acute Management (SEM1) SPR7029 Module
Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy (SEM2) PHP4006 Module
Rehabilitation & Neuromuscular Training (SEM1) SPR7030 Module
Rehabilitation 1 (SEM1) SRE5012 Module
Rehabilitation 2 (SEM1) SRE6017 Module
Rehabilitation of the upper limb and spine (SEM1) SRE6008 Module
Research Dissertation (SEM2+3) CDM7004 Module
Research Methods (SEM1) HEP5009 Module
Research Methods (SEM2) SPR7024 Module
Research Methods & Statistics (SEM1) PBH7003 Module
Research Methods & Statistics (SEM2) PBH7003B Module
Research Methods 1 (SEM1) SRE4010 Module
Research Methods 2 (SEM1+2) SRE5014 Module
Research Methods 2 (SEM2) NUT5031 Module
Research Methods 2 and Research Project (SEM1+2) SRE6006 Module
Research Methods 3 and Dissertation (SEM1+2) SRE6015 Module
Research Methods A and Evidence Based Practice (SEM2) PHP4005 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation (SEM1) SPR7028 Module
Research Methods and Statistics (SEM1+2) CDM7002 Module
Research Methods B and Dissertation (SEM1+2) PHP6006 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) HEP6011 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) NUT6031 Module
Research Project (SEM1+2) APH6000 Module
Research Project (SEM2) NGE7007 Module
Research Project (SEM2+3) PBH7007 Module
Research Study (SEM1+2) HNU7030 Module
Self-care Approaches for Chronic Disease (SEM2) CDM7005 Module
Solid State Physics (SEM2) APH5003 Module
Solid State Physics, Low Temperature Physics (SEM1) APH6002 Module
Space Physics (SEM2) APH6009 Module
Sports Nutrition (SEM1) NUT6038 Module
Sports Nutrition (SEM1) NUT5042 Module
Sports Nutrition (SEM1) NUT5038 Module
Weight Management (SEM2) NUT6052 Module

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